Friday, August 19, 2022

‘The Canary in the Coal Mine’: Sri Lanka’s Crisis is a Chronicle Foretold

Sri Lanka’s acute economic crisis and sovereign debt default, along with its people’s uprising in 2022, has drawn attention across the world. It is described as the ‘canary in the coal mine’, that is, a harbinger of the likely future for other global south countries

Tanzania: How Maasai women are resisting land grabs

In Tanzania large corporations have entered the lands of the Maasai people to mine rubies and tanzanite. The Maasai can neither assert their rights to the land nor benefit from the mining of these precious resources

All That I Ask Is That You Fight for Peace Today

The majority of the world's population rejects NATO's global policies and aspirations and does not wish to divide the international community into old-fashioned Cold War blocs.

Europe: caught in a trap

The ECB is caught in what one analyst called a “nightmare scenario”. A review of the main variables of economic instability in central European capitalism

The Kremlin Seeks to Exploit Growing Wariness Over Refugees in Europe

Instability and rising living costs have caused significant growth in refugee and other migrant numbers globally. The opportunity to exploit the crisis will not be missed by other countries, most notably Russia

It Is Dark, but I Sing Because the Morning Will Come

The MST is part of a process of building the organizational and ideological strength of the peasantry, and works together with trade union movements and other organizations to create a political project of social emancipation



In the same path that the debates and analysis of the social movements in the region, the 555th
edition of our magazine offers a panoramic view of the current situation in Latin America and the
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