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Quiénes somos

The Latin American Information Agency (ALAI) is a Latin American and Caribbean communications organization committed to peace, human rights, democratization of communication, gender equality, social justice, care for the Common Home and regional integration. It was founded in Montreal, Canada, in 1977. It currently has an office in Quito, Ecuador, and another recently created office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ALAI has been dedicated for 45 years to the production, edition and dissemination of systematized information, in-depth analysis and informed opinions, as well as to the promotion of the democratization of communication and digital technologies. The agency pays particular attention to the socio-political dynamics of the Latin American and Caribbean region, highlighting the perspective of people’s movements, and offering a situated and contextualized reading of events.

The website receives hundreds of thousands of visits monthly, and its newsletters are regularly distributed to tens of thousands of subscribers via email and messaging channels. ALAI’s content is republished daily by dozens of media outlets in the region and beyond.

To carry out this work, ALAI relies on the collaboration of prominent analysts, thinkers, journalists, research centers, agencies and alternative media, as well as social organizations and leaders, among others.

ALAI also has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

At present, the following contents are produced:

  • The website info, updated daily in four languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese and French).
  • The magazine América Latina en Movimiento, one of the publications with the longest trajectory in the region with more than 500 issues published, dedicated to current affairs, politics, culture and Latin American and Caribbean thinking, now in digital version.
  • A daily summary of outstanding articles in Spanish, English and Portuguese, as well as specialized newsletters on different topics.
  • Occasional books, focused on debates on communication, digital technologies and the right to communicate.

Political council

Ana Esther Ceceña

President| México

Oswaldo León

Chief Information Office | Ecuador

Mónica Bruckmann

Vicepresident | Perú

Manuel Bertoldi

Member | Argentina

Carmen Navas

Member | Venezuela

Sally Burch

Executive Director | Ecuador

Emiliano López

Member | Argentina

Editorial Collective

Lautaro Rivara

General Editor

Gerardo Gamarra

Portuguese editor| Web Dvpt

María Aprigliano


Gerardo Szalkowicz

Spanish Editor

Gabriel Vera Lopes

English Editor