Thursday, August 11, 2022
Rafael Correa

In Conversation with Rafael Correa

According to the former Ecuadorian president, although the sequence does not redefine the balances, it does change the direction of political action in the region. The next step, if Lula were elected in Brazil, would be to form a bloc to create a monetary union.
Foto: David Rugeles

Francia Márquez: “The vice-presidency is a means, the end is to...

The Francia Márquez phenomenon revolutionised Colombian politics and marked the pulse of an election that opened the way to the first progressive government in its history. An in-depth talk with the social and environmental leader, the first black vice-president of the coffee-growing country
Ecuador Indigenous Protests

Ecuador: indigenous uprising and neoliberalism

In his first year in office, Guillermo Lasso led Ecuadorian society into the abyss. In this context, the new CONAIE leadership, led by Leonidas Iza, adopted a more radical tone