As the migrant crisis in Europe grows ever more precarious, violence between security personnel and immigrants reaches a new level and tension between citizens and non-citizens inches higher and higher. Many European citizens ask in alarm: Where will all this lead? Who is behind this phenomenon? What caused the immigration crisis in Europe and who is –or who are– responsible?


The above are some of the questions on the issue that political analyst Brandon de Turbeville, who specializes in Middle East topics, formulates and tries to answer in an article published by the online magazine Activist Post.


“The immigration crisis has not formed organically nor has it formed in a vacuum. The people attempting to enter Europe over the last few weeks are a diverse lot, but the overwhelming majority of them are fleeing countries where the West, the United States, and NATO, have brought “peace” and “democracy” in the last few years via bombs, troops, or proxy terrorists.”


“The European oligarchs know well that they are responsible for the mass displacement and are working to exploit that displacement to their own ends,” says de Turbeville.


It is clear that Europe cannot continue to accept such unfettered immigration which has already wrought economic and cultural havoc upon a number of European nations. Europeans claim their right to the culture and opportunities to develop their capacities in their own countries as any other human beings in the planet.


Europe has been overwhelmed with massive waves of immigration from Middle Eastern and African nations as well as other “third world” countries, even before the current Syrian crisis.


However, while Europe can logically refuse to allow such waves of unwanted immigration, immigrants themselves have the right to demand an end to the actions that generate the climate of insecurity and death which leads them to escape the hell that the West has visited upon their nations.


Thus, the first step that must be taken to prevent the mass influx of immigrants to Europe –in de Turbeville’s opinion– is an immediate cessation of any and all bombing of Syria. There must be an immediate cessation of support for ISIS, FSA, Al-Nusra, or any other “moderate” terrorist operating in the Middle East. The legitimate Syrian government must be allowed to wipe these terrorists off its territory.


“Syrian immigrants are not going to Europe because they dream of debating gender politics, sipping coffee in French cafes, or kneeling at the feet of the European monarchs. They are going to Europe because their homes have been destroyed, their families have been killed, and their country has been overrun with savages.”


“Thus, Europe may also be well served to assist in the rebuilding of Syria with a comprehensive plan of foreign investment and credit extended from various European central banks. This would have the purpose of rebuilding civilian infrastructure, hospitals, schools, sanitation, roads, and industry. Europe should extend civilized cooperation with Syria in this regard.”


But –according to de Turbeville– European oligarchs do not want to see a peaceful end to the crisis in Syria nor do they desire to see a peaceful and humanitarian end to the immigration crisis. That is why the European people must begin to build coalitions amongst themselves and, indeed, amongst immigrant communities, in order to force them to do so.


The influx of “refugees” into Europe is being used to frighten the European public with images of Muslim fanatics, hordes of people chanting into supporting a bombing campaign against the Syrian government.


Under a number of guises –economic, ethical, etc.– the ruling class has opened the floodgates to immigration from countries whose culture is vastly different from that of the host country and where the majority of citizens of European countries are themselves struggling to make ends meet.


The influx of immigrants has only worsened the economic situation of the European countries who have taken them in, creating another underclass of low wage low-skill workers who are then played off against the indigenous Europeans and earlier-waves immigrants of any origin.


Neither group ever understands that it is the oligarchic element in their societies that have created such conditions at home and abroad and thus turn their pent up anger on one another while competing for job opportunities.


January 17, 2016.


Manuel E. Yepe


A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann.