The Nobel Peace Prize, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, has condemned the US
President’s decission of declaring the war against Iraq, labelling it
as the threshold of an announced genocide.

Just after having added her voice to the one of milliones of
protesters in many capitals in the world, just after having visited
dozens of schools in the US, talking to youngsters and children of
that country, and having had many conversations with presidents,
Rigoberta Menchu claimed respect towards the multilateral
institutionality. The Nobel Peace Prize also warned that any
unilateral declaration of hostilities constitutes not only a flagrant
violation of the international legal system, but too a crime against
the Iraqi people. Menchu expressed that the US declaration of war is
an attack on humanity, which has set itself as the only global
superpower that can oppose its moral weapons to stop the millions of
bombs that are just to fall upon defenseless women and children and
the iraqi people.

This is the most senseless and unlegitimate war of many in
contemporary history, not just because of the invalidity of the
arguments that pretend its justification, but for its violation of the
law and democratic consensus of peoples and governments from the whole

The bombardments with which began its agression on Iraq many weeks ago
put the US, its highest dignataries and its allies on trial. The
United Nations must not only defend its own field, humilliated by the
US government’s arbitrariness and prepotence, but has to take concrete
measures to translate the universal condemnation into moral and
political sanctions. The United Nations can’t play again the firemen
rol in which it has been reduced due to the point of no return of Mr.
Bush’s mistakes.

With the honest concience and the ethical voice with which the peoples
of the world have vetoed the Northamerican president, Rigoberta Menchu
called on no rest until achieving history sanctioning Mr. Bush’s

Finally, the Guatemalan indigineous leader invited peoples of the
world to keep and strengthen their unity and movilization to oppose
the New Imperial Disorder with a new order of harmony, understanding
and intercultural respect, founded on the sacred dignity of all human
beings and of all peoples; and the democratic governments of the
world, to keep this tiranny in political and diplomatic isolation that
safeguards the life and the integrity of the planet.

Mexico City, 19th. March, 2003