The horrors of war continue to haunt the world. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell
announced a few days ago in his address to the United Nations Security Council that the
attack by North American forces and its allies on Iraq is imminent. Everything points
to the fact that they intend to launch this war with or without the backing of the
United Nations and worldwide public opinion. The claims presented to justify this
attack on Iraq were not substantiated. For the United States, the government of Saddam
Hussein is hiding weapons of mass destruction — in spite of the fact that those who
already have investigated the Iraqi laboratories, industries and palaces have found

The war, quite clearly, is not to restore democracy and peace in the region. North
American politicians, labor unionists and peace activists have denounced the link
between important members of the U.S. administration and the oil industry barons.
Controlling the oil of Iraq is the objective of the U.S. government.

Recourse to war has been transformed into a structural and permanent component of
global domination; military force is used to control people and strategic resources.
It’s an insanity particular to those who consider themselves the “police of the world”
and who wield political, economic and military hegemony as a means to impose their will
and to attain their objectives. The effects of the war will be far more devastating for
the international economy than the most acute crisis imaginable. It is against this
scenario that world-wide and national public opinion must rise up.

The international disputes and the political differences among States must be resolved
through peaceful and negotiated channels. This must be the guiding spirit of any
citizen who considers himself or herself a supporter of democracy.

There is no link, nor is there any political identity, between the CUT and the Iraqi
government. But we cannot shy away from solidarizing ourselves with the working people
of Iraq who will suffer the effects of this war, which has been concocted by the U.S.
government and its allies.

In this vein, the CUT calls upon all its affiliated unions and members, whatever their
religious or political beliefs, to become involved in the antiwar committees and
coalitions and to participate, actively, in the February 15th International Day of
Action Against the War.

*National Executive Committee of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores – CUT
São Paulo, 12th of February, 2003